Meet the artist

Phil McKay is a self-taught artist who has been painting in one form or another since early childhood. In 2000 Phil began painting and illustrating professionally from his hometown of Port Macquarie, where he lives with his wife Sharon and their two children Kelly and Charlie.

Most of his work over the past 20 to 23 years has been by commission, with such esteemed organisations like Australian Geographic, where he was awarded best illustrator for 2001 for one of his cover illustrations.

Phil’s work direction has changed in recent years due to his Christian background and beliefs. He adds… “I decided it was time to start glorifying God in my artwork. For it is the Lord that blesses us with talents, and I realised the need to utilise the gift God has given me to glorify His name.”

In 2008 Phil started working with It Is Written Oceania to produce artwork for a new updated Bible study ‘Secrets of Prophecy’. He continues to work with various Ministries both in Australia and internationally, to produce high quality biblical and inspirational art. “This is something I have always wanted to do, and it is an immense privilege and blessing to be painting the word of God”.

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