USB Projection collection

    This collection of images has been specifically designed for projection use, whether for church purposes, evangelistic programmes or bible studies. The collection contains 38 original images with over 300 variations of these images, covering a wide range of biblical and Christian themes.

    Many of the variations are in PNG file format (transparent background). All of the images are customizable to suit the users needs, and are perfect for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

    The images are conveniently stored on a USB drive in a credit card type style, and comes with a magnetic locking storage case.

    The user can view the images in a traditional file folder, or as a web browser and scroll through  large size images conveniently arranged in categories. From there the images can simply be copied and pasted, or simply dragged directly into PowerPoint etc.

    Note: The images are for projection use only, using PowerPoint/Keynote and similar programmes....for Bible studies, sermons, evangelistic programmes etc. If you want an image for publishing, printing, DVD production or any other kind of media, please contact me for the appropriate license.


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